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After years of providing highly professional and comprehensive consulting and advisory services to airports and aviation businesses of all sizes throughout the United States, Airport Business Solutions expanded on an international basis after realizing that airports worldwide faced the same challenges and obstacles. Regardless of location, airports and aviation businesses worldwide look to maximize and diversify revenues, minimize and control expenses, create effective marketing plans, streamline management functions, and develop a more efficient and safe operational environment. Using our extensive and diverse experience, Airport Business Solutions has assisted airports throughout the world in such areas as business plan development and implementation, concessions planning and management, air cargo assessments, airline agreement negotiation, terminal design analysis, parking assessment, rental car analysis, air show production and management, general aviation operations and management, non-aeronautical land development, financial modeling, and full or partial airport privatization assessments. 

ABS and its staff have provided advisory services to airports, airlines, investment bankers, and private individuals and businesses on a variety of projects throughout China, Europe, Central America, Singapore, Canada, Philippines, Africa, and the Caribbean.