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Don Beckman

Don Beckman is also in Airport Business Solutions’ Denver office, and offers a diverse background with over twenty-five years of FBO management, operations, safety, and training experience. He has held management positions for various prestigious FBOs, as well as air cargo companies. Don provides invaluable insight and knowledge with regards to: personnel management, flight line operations and efficiency, training and safety analysis, aircraft ground servicing and refueling, aircraft deice/anti-ice operations, air carrier and air cargo ground handling operations.

Don’s aviation experience is broad-based. He has worked for numerous FBOs including Combs-Gates, Jet Aviation, Trajen Flight Support, and Atlantic Aviation, as well as for air cargo and airline ground support firms including Federal Express and Integrated Airline Services. Having worked in both operational and management positions at these organizations, Don has gained valuable knowledge with respect to the day-to-day intricate details, operational and financial challenges, and opportunities that exist, with these type of organizations.

Prior to coming to ABS, Don was the Director of Training for Atlantic Aviation, where he was responsible for development and organization of the training effort for each of Atlantic’s sixty-eight locations. While at Atlantic Aviation, Don developed the line service training curriculum while ensuring compliance with the NATA Safety 1st Program and various OSHA training requirements for the entire Atlantic Aviation network. Don also participated on the new site acquisition team where he conducted on-site line service, safety, and human resource training. Additionally he conducted safety and training audits and provided assistance with the selection and training of newly appointed safety and training supervisors for each FBO location.

Two of Don's specialty areas include training and safety. Throughout his career, Don has actively participated and/or developed numerous training and safety plans and programs. While employed by the Aviation Training Institute, Don worked with Randy Bisgard on the redevelopment of the original Professional Line Service Training (PLST) program where he assisted with writing, developing and marketing the program. Still in use today, the Safety 1st program (successor to PLST) continues to be recognized as the premier training tool for FBO line service and aviation ground support operations.

Don is an active member of several professional trade organizations including the American Society for Training & Development, National Air Transportation Association, and National Fire Protection Association. Don obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado.